Glasgow is a city well renowned for its green spaces and is often referred to as the Dear Green Place. However, the city centre itself lacks such spaces. The St Enoch and Broomielaw District Regeneration Frameworks (DRFs) hope to address this, by creating a river park along the River Clyde.

The Clyde side at the moment is dominated by the car, making it unattractive to pedestrians and cyclists. As a result of this, public space in this area is inadequate for a modern 21st-century city. Consequently, the aim is to provide continuous safe ‘car-free’ routes for pedestrians and cyclists. In addition, provision of long distance linear promenade is a crucial element of (Y)our River Park.

The aim is to create a River Clyde Linear park, from Glasgow Green to the River Kelvin, making it the biggest and most vibrant park in Glasgow. The ambition for the River Park is for it to become the attraction of the city centre, full of amenity spaces such as green and water recreation play spaces, sports tracks and fields for all ages and a social/events space. Moreover, the river should become a nationally significant destination that attracts international visitors, making it a natural hub for socialising and leisure. As a result of this, the area should attract high footfall and the river can once again be at the heart and soul of the city.

Again tackling the inaccessibility of the River, improvements to bridge connections will be considered. Strengthening the pedestrian and cycle connection of River Clyde South Bank and North Bank by introducing an intermediate bridge between the Squiggly Bridge (Tradeston) and the Squinty Bridge (Clyde Arc) will be investigated, as well as additional bridge crossings. Moreover, additional connections will better connect neighbourhoods on each side of the River and will encourage positive developments.

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The St Enoch District Regeneration Framework (DRF) is now out for public consultation and this is your chance to have your input on the DRF, highlighting which themes you think will benefit the city or vice versa. Please see attached links below for St Enoch DRF and St Enoch DRF public consultation:

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