The St Enoch area is often referred to as being car-dominated, secluded, as well as lacking in street life and activity. Argyle Street and St Enoch Square attract the highest footfall for the area, however, there is scope for improvement. There is also a lack of green spaces throughout the area, with many consultees observing that many of the streets are unattractive. It is imperative that this area, where the heart of the city meets its river, becomes a more prominent destination and to become more attractive, additional quality public spaces are needed. Consequently, this will attract new investment and will entice new inhabitants.

To achieve this, key streets like Argyle Street, Ballater Street, Jamaica Street and the quays will be revived as attractive public spaces with diverse characteristics. Moreover, one or two new routes will be made through St Enoch Shopping Centre, allowing pedestrians to walk directly from the city centre to the river quay, revitalising the currently overlooked areas of St Enoch.

In addition, the project aims to create an events space in the heart of St Enoch with the aspiration that this will become a new visitor attraction to the area. The City Centre currently has various spaces used for events. However, there would appear to be a demand for a more flexible, contemporary event space that relieves pressure on George Square. A new event plaza (as well as the River Park) could accommodate seasonal and commercial events including Christmas fairs/markets, art fairs or street sports tournaments. This will allow George Square to become less commercialised and dedicated to civic ceremonies, public gatherings and protests.

Now you can have your say:
The St Enoch DRF formally went live on 14th June and remains available for comment until 6th September. You can access the document and the GCC Consultation Hub via the following links:

Draft St Enoch Regeneration Framework Document
Glasgow City Council’s Consultation Hub

Please let us know what you think.