Townhead District

Map of Townhead District (click to enlarge)

Townhead is largely residential, comprising terraces and tower blocks, with some small-scale industrial units. The area is dominated by motorway infrastructure, and suffers from the effect of feeling on the edge of the city, despite its proximity to the city centre.

The area was subject to major clearance and redevelopment in the 60s, removing most of the historic street patterns and existing tenements in favour of tower blocks. The legacy of this is a fragmented urban grain.

There is, however a strong community in Townhead, illustrated by the successful campaign for a Townhead Village Hall.

The City of Glasgow College Campus project will result in a significant redevelopment of the area. This offers opportunities in terms of investment in local in local amenities and public realm as the transient student population grows.

The following suggested Avenue projects for this District would significantly improve the named Streets’ overall performance as public spaces.

• North Hanover Street to Baird Steet

The following suggested catalyst project for this area would complement the Avenues by significantly improving pedestrian and cycling experience and wayfinding.

• Sighthill landbridge connection