The Glasgow City Centre Team are keen to activate the lanes in the City Centre and to help achieve this, grants of up to £5,000 are available to people or groups that want to hold events in city centre lanes.

The fund has been created to enable businesses and communities to work with artists and the creative industries to develop activity in city centre lanes. Full guidance is available here. The level of funding means that the fund will not provide all the answers – nor is it intended to do that. What it will do is help businesses and communities to think differently about their lanes. For those who live, work or are visiting Glasgow it creates a sense of something discovered, something reclaimed. Glasgow has lanes which are attractions in their own right and this grant fund creates opportunities for other lanes to take a step towards becoming one of them.

To make a successful application, you need a good idea, the support of the people who live or work in the lane and the permission of the owners. The application process is short, and we will decide on your application quickly.

So it is over to you. Is it a family event, a community event, a music event, a performance, a heritage event, a market, or an art project? It can be anything you think makes sense in the location and to the community (either business or residential) which uses the lane.

The grant fund is open for applications now. If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to