interactive map

We are looking for entries for the (Y)our City Centre project to aid us in developing the Regeneration Frameworks of the four districts within the City Centre, Broomielaw, Blythswood, St Enoch and Central. We are looking for ideas and comments around long term changes and projects. If you have immediate comments and complaints on litter, roadworks, noise etc. please contact Glasgow City Centre directly through the appropriate channels.

If you would like to add a ‘New idea’, leave behind a comment about a ‘Positive thing’ or a ‘Negative thing’ you would like to see changed in Glasgow’s City Centre you have come to the right place. To add a comment please click on the ‘plus’/’+’ sign on the right top corner of the map.

Once you clicked on it an ‘Entry form’ will pop up, where you can leave your comment, choose the exact location your comment is aimed at, tag it as ‘New idea’, ‘Positive thing’ or ‘Negative thing’, and if you would like you can even upload an image.

Once you have submitted your idea, our map admins will review it and publish it as soon as possible. If you are interested in seeing other comments left behind by fellow citizens click on the ‘flame’ sign next to the ‘plus’/’+’ sign in the top right corner and pins will appear on the map.