The history of St Enoch Square is indicative and reflective of the development of the wider district in which it sits. Originally the western boundary of Glasgow Green with strong links to the River Clyde and the reputed burial site of St Thenew (St Enoch), over the years this area has variously been a car park, a religious site, a glass-works and a major transport hub, to name but a few. It has been a place of quiet introspection, a pasture for sheep grazing, a meeting place for farmers, and a busy retail centre. It has passed through various owners and has been home to a church, a train station, a hotel, and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow. For many years it was a simple green space of grass and shrubs but eventually became one of the first locations in the city to experience electrical light. It has been party to huge construction works and equally massive demolitions.

In short, St Enoch Square has been many different things to many different people through the ages. It continues to be an important part of Glasgow city centre and remains the heart of the St Enoch district. Now, as we investigate how spaces like this can be best utilised going forward, it’s important that we receive the views and opinions of the people who will be experiencing it now and in the future.

St Enoch DRF formally went live on 14th June and remains available for comment until 6th September. You can access the document and the GCC Consultation Hub via the following links:

Draft St Enoch Regeneration Framework Document

Consultation comment form

Please let us know what you think.