The first deliverable of the City Deal Avenues project is now complete. Sauchiehall Street, between Charing Cross and Rose Street, has been transformed – and has also been a useful demonstrator project for this new approach to the public realm and placemaking in Glasgow city centre.

The City Deal Avenues project is a £115 million programme aimed at improving the public realm throughout the city centre. Despite two significant fires affecting the construction programme, this first phase has been a great success. It has provided new high-quality space for pedestrians, a segregated cycle lane, benches and 26 new trees, adding some well-needed greenery to the area. The works have broadened pavements enabling bars and cafes to sprawl on to the street, contributing to the liveliness of the city centre.

The aesthetic of the street has significantly improved. It now has a continental look and feel, which makes the avenue almost unrecognisable from before. See below for images – we hope you are as pleased as we are with the outcome!
Sauchiehall Street Glasgow 2019
Sauchiehall Street at night - Glasgow 2019
Glasgow City Council Leader Susan Aitken said, “The completion of Sauchiehall Avenue is a milestone in the rebirth of this famous Glasgow thoroughfare. It is the first stage in the biggest reimaging and remodelling of our city-centre streets since the pedestrianisation of Buchanan Street 40 years ago.”

“We have improved Sauchiehall Street’s overall look and feel. By helping it adapt to the changes affecting high streets everywhere, we’ve created a catalytic physical environment which will bring social and economic benefits.”

“It is now a street where pedestrians, cyclists and vulnerable road users have priority over the car in a safer, cleaner, more vibrant space. The street is now more attractive to both visitors and investors.”