Lane Activation Fund

Lane Activation Fund

Lane Activation Fund

The Lane Activation Fund (LAF) has been established to help activate and enhance the city centre lanes and is an important stimulus for animating our vibrant city centre. It has been created to enable businesses and communities to work with artists and creative industries to develop activity in the lanes whilst inviting residents and visitors to think about lanes more positively.

The LAF will fund temporary projects/events in the lane such as festival style projects or pop-ups that bring people to the lane and promote collaboration with the creative industries or bring economic opportunities to local businesses. Enlivening the lanes through greenery will also be considered. The grant is a maximum of £5,000.

Proposals are accepted online and will be reviewed within 20 working days. Applications should be sent in by the first Tuesday of each calendar month.

As this is a pilot, the LAF will be available for 2 years before being evaluated.
Full application guidelines and forms can be found here:

Autism Friendly City Centre

Autism Friendly City Centre

Autism Friendly City Centre

This project has been developed in line with the City Centre Strategy 2014-19 which sets the vision for an inclusive city centre, where we can increase the access and attributes for all. It is hoped by making small changes we can make a huge difference to residents/visitors experience of the city. The City Centre Regeneration team are working in partnership with Autism Network Scotland and the Autism Resource Centre.

Venues and organisations across Glasgow are coming together to make our city more autism friendly by introducing quiet hours and spaces, training staff and helping you prepare for your visit. The city centre is a very busy place, it’ll probably be busiest and noisiest around the Style Mile area.

You can use the interactive map to help plan your visit to the city centre. Hover over the venues to read what each organisation is doing to be more autism aware.


Autism Friendly City Map – clicking on the map opens a new window/tab with details of the facilities. You can also download the map and guide as a PDF here. [872kB PDF]

City Centre Homelessness

City Centre Homelessness

City Centre Homelessness

There are many support services that try and combat the causes and effects of homelessness. We want everyone to have a safe place to live and access to the support they need. Every year Glasgow City Council provides services to households and individuals who find themselves homeless or about to be homeless and try to ease this situation as much as possible.

If you think that you are homeless, or at risk of becoming homeless, we will make sure that you are offered an interview at your local Community Casework Team, or out with normal office hours at the Hamish Allan Centre. This Centre is open from 16:45 pm to 08.45am Monday to Friday, open 24 hours on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays and there is a freephone number, 0800 838 502 if you wish to make an enquiry.

If you have nowhere to stay or are not able to stay in your home and are eligible for homelessness assistance, we will offer you temporary accommodation. We have different types of temporary accommodation throughout Glasgow including assessment centres, projects, temporary furnished flats, supported accommodation and at times Bed and Breakfast type accommodation.

Any business or organisation in Glasgow can become a Friend of the Simon Community, who are available by phone 24 hours every day of the year on 0800 027 7466, if you would appreciate any advice or are concerned about someone who may be struggling with homelessness.
Simon Community Logo

I’ve seen someone sleeping rough, what can I do?
In Glasgow you can contact a variety of support services to discuss your concern:

The Rough Sleepers and Vulnerable People (RSVP) Street team – 0800 027 7466
Glasgow City Mission – 0141 221 2630
The Wayside Club/Marie Trust – 0141 221 0169
Lodging House Mission – 0141 552 0265

These organisations can offer advice and support for homeless and vulnerable people, including meeting the person you are concerned about to help them access the support they need, healthcare advice and skills development opportunities.

The City Centre Response Team also distribute a booklet, Eat, Sleep, Clothes, Meet to improve access to free resources and practical help. You can download the booklet from the link above or by clicking the image below.

Should I give money to someone that is homeless people begging on the street?
Not all homeless people beg and not all beggars are homeless. Giving money to people begging is a personal choice and in many cases the people who are begging are very vulnerable. If you want to give money to make a positive difference to someone who is homeless you can donate to many charitable organisations.

You can visit their websites to see how your donation will be used.

Dressing the City

Dressing the City

Dressing the City

Glasgow City Council – Dressing the City (DTC) programme Glasgow City Council undertakes a city bannering programme called Dressing the City (DTC). This programme is primarily used to promote the non-commercial activities undertaken by GCC and its Glasgow Family partners, including events promotion, civic messaging and as a way-finder and welcoming for conference visitors. The DTC programme promotes Glasgow, its cultural and sporting values, venues and activities, and its strong global marketing brand. It is not intended as a medium for commercial advertising or marketing activities such as product launches, venue openings or media announcements etc. GCC can facilitate bannering requests made by customers where the following conditions are met:

There is availability of bannering locations sought

  • Banner artwork is approved by GCC
  • Bannering request complies with programme guidelines

The Dressing the City programme incorporates three different banner types:

  • George Square banners
  • Toblerone banners
  • Lighting column banners

All banner manufacture, installation and de-rig services are carried out by approved GCC contractors. Their costs are paid through the DTC programme and re-charged to the customer. Enquiries regarding this service can be made to John Foster: Tel: 0141 287 6540 Email:


Child Safe Zones

Child Safe Zones

Child Safe Zones

What is it?

Glasgow City Council and Glasgow City Centre Retail Association have launched the Child Safe Zone Initiative. Child Safe Zones is a national scheme adopted by a number of major town and city centres throughout the UK.  It promotes the safety of children by helping to reunite them with their parents. Glasgow City Centre is now an official Child Safe Zone.

About the Initiative

The initiative will provide a quick and effective response to ensure children who become lost in Glasgow city centre are reunited with their parents or guardians as quickly as possible.

The Child Safe Zone initiative will use a variety of measures to reunite lost children with their families, with posters to be displayed around the city showing a helpline number which connects directly to the Glasgow Community Services Operations Centre.

In addition, visitors can write their mobile phone number onto a free, colourful wristband which is then secured around their child’s wrist, so that anyone finding a lost child can quickly contact them to let them know that their child is safe.

Participating Venues


  • Buchanan Bus Station
  • Buchanan Galleries
  • Buchanan Street Subway
  • Central Station
  • City Chambers
  • Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA)
  • Princes Square
  • Queen Street Station
  • St. Enoch Centre
  • St. Enoch Subway
  • St. Mungo’s Museum of Religious Life and Art
  • The Lighthouse

City Parking Car Parks:

  • Charring Cross
  • Cambridge Street
  • Concert Hall
  • Duke Street
  • SECC

Free Child Wristbands and further information can be found at the information desks of the City Centre locations highlighted within the map.  Information on where parents and/or guardians can uplift wristbands is available here:
There is also downloadable information leaflet for Parents/Guardians available at: