(Y)our St Enoch

The St Enoch District Regeneration Framework (DRF) was approved by the City Administration Committee on the 28 November and work will now begin on delivering the actions outlined in the full and summary versions of the documents. These can be found here, full version and the summary versions.

This District has a mixture of land uses including retail, entertainment, business and residential. The District also runs alongside the River Clyde and has significant transport hubs, St Enoch’s Subway and Argyle Street train station. One of the most dominant buildings is the St Enoch Shopping Centre, but this does not take away from historic richness found in many buildings in and around the High Street, Trongate and the Saltmarket. It is also an area in which there is a significant cluster of Creative Industries places/spaces like Trongate 103, South Block, The Birggait and a number of private galleries.

St Enoch is also home to a meantime use trail, which is when properties that have lain vacant for a while are made to occupants to improve footfall in an area. While there are 11 of these properties in total a number of them can be found on St Andrew Street.

There is an opportunity to promote this mixture of function and use by improving public realm, especially in terms of gateway spaces and connections between spaces. The waterfront experience should make the most of all the things that are happening in the District while promoting itself as a place to visit, live and work.

The following Avenues projects for this District will significantly improve the look and feel of these public spaces, as well as looking changing priorities away from the car to the pedestrian, cyclist and public transport. These works are currently expected to be completed by 2027.

  • Clyde Street
  • Glassford Street – Stockwell Street
  • Argyle Street

The main themes that DRF looks to address are:-

(Y)our great streets and spaces
(Y)our updated mobility
(Y)our great buildings
Transforming (Y)our St Enoch
(Y)our vibrant St Enoch
(Y)our river park.

St Enoch
Map of St Enoch District (click to enlarge)