Dressing the City

Glasgow City Council – Dressing the City (DTC) programme Glasgow City Council undertakes a city bannering programme called Dressing the City (DTC). This programme is primarily used to promote the non-commercial activities undertaken by GCC and its Glasgow Family partners, including events promotion, civic messaging and as a way-finder and welcoming for conference visitors. The DTC programme promotes Glasgow, its cultural and sporting values, venues and activities, and its strong global marketing brand. It is not intended as a medium for commercial advertising or marketing activities such as product launches, venue openings or media announcements etc. GCC can facilitate bannering requests made by customers where the following conditions are met:

There is availability of bannering locations sought

  • Banner artwork is approved by GCC
  • Bannering request complies with programme guidelines

The Dressing the City programme incorporates three different banner types:

  • George Square banners
  • Toblerone banners
  • Lighting column banners

All banner manufacture, installation and de-rig services are carried out by approved GCC contractors. Their costs are paid through the DTC programme and re-charged to the customer. Enquiries regarding this service can be made to John Foster: Tel: 0141 287 6540 Email: john.foster@glasgow.gov.uk