City Centre Lanes

A draft lane strategy has now been developed in partnership with a variety of stakeholders and containing a wide range of potential actions. We have consulted extensively with over 400 people commenting on the plan during the public consultation phase. The Council will consider how best to take this strategy forward.

Through the City Centre Lanes Strategy, the Council wishes to build upon the good examples and demonstrate that positive partnership working and appropriate planning policies can successfully help to address matters such as antisocial behaviour, poor physical environment, and connectivity. With this in mind, the Lanes Strategy has looked at good practice in cities such as Melbourne, Perth and Sydney in Australia which has already undergone a successful regeneration of their city centre lanes, as have Colorado and Chicago in the USA, and Vancouver, Portland Oregon, and the City of Edmonton in Canada.

This strategy is important as Lanes in Glasgow City Centre have not traditionally been utilised to their full potential. With around 90 lanes in the City Centre Strategy area, the laneway network is valued as a vital part of the city centre’s rich heritage and character with a close collaboration between lanes and the distribution of listed buildings. Encouraging effective partnership working will create opportunities to improve the lanes and by doing so the quality of the City Centre experience for all visitors, residents and businesses.

For further information please see our News page for updates. You can download the Lane Strategy document here. [5.9 MB PDF]