Central Station Action Plan

Instances of anti-social behaviour and activities which negatively impact local communities can sometimes become most visible or be felt most keenly within the city centre and areas of high footfall. They remain the subject of considerable concern amongst residential and business groups.
The Central Station Action Plan was created by Glasgow City Council and other project partners in response to instances of anti-social behaviour and other related activities which have been reported by local residents and businesses in the immediate vicinity of Central Station.

Project Scope
The project area comprises the following boundaries:

  • Argyle Street
  • Hope Street
  • Renfield Lane
  • Union Street

To ensure the project scope is as effective as possible, these boundaries are intended to include both sides of each road. Please note that an indicative map is also available for your reference.

Following initial meetings between partner agencies and local stakeholders, a Steering Group was established and a list of actions was generated. Whilst some of these actions relate to functions undertaken by other organisations, DRS City Centre Regeneration has supported CSAP through co-ordinating activities, and facilitating environmental enhancements. This has largely been through the deployment of existing funding streams and the integration of related initiatives already being undertaken by the team, such as the City Centre Mural Fund, Style Mile, Festive Lighting and the City Centre Lane Strategy, as well as other initiatives emerging from the District Regeneration Frameworks, and the Avenues programme. In addition, other ad hoc interventions will continue to be explored and implemented where appropriate.

Stakeholder Engagement
Notification letters were originally sent out to over 500 addresses falling within the project area and the responses received from local residents, workers, businesses, landlords and visitors has already informed the CSAP.
However, a number of the actions generated have now been completed and the Steering Group has arranged a stakeholder engagement event to provide an update of the work that has been undertaken so far as well as an overview of other initiatives which are due to take place:

  • Venue: The Arches, 253 Argyle St, Glasgow G2 8DL
  • Date: 23rd October 2019
  • Times: 10:00 to 16:00

This will be a drop-in style event with GCC officers and representatives of the other project partner organisations available to hear your thoughts and comments and to answer your questions. Here is a PowerPoint presentation of the findings of the drop-in event.

What you can do to help
As someone who may have already been impacted by instances of anti-social behaviour, GCC invites you to get involved in this initiative; to provide your thoughts, comments and suggestions. We would encourage you to attend this event and to actively participate in the project wherever possible. Alternatively, you may just wish to be kept informed of progress with the proposed actions. If so we would require your permission to retain your details for this purpose.

You can contact us at:

  • Tel: 0141 287 6540
  • Email: citycentrestrategy@glasgow.gov.uk




Central Station Map