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With the Council giving final approval for the St Enoch District Regeneration Framework (SEDRF) and the go-ahead to continue to public engagement for the Central District Regeneration Framework (CDRF) the City Centre Districts Strategy has taken a big step forward.

For the St Enoch DRF now that the public consultation outcomes have been considered, the detailed action plan are defined across six themes with projects that are small, medium and large. The public consultation was very supportive of the themes and the key projects, which is an encouraging place to start from. There will be regular updates as the project develops.

The other big step forward was the approval to continue the process of engagement by moving into the final public consultation phase for Central.

In the New Year we will be seeking the council’s approval to proceed to public consultation for the Blythswood District. To date, this phase of the City Centre Districts Strategy has engaged with over 5,000 people so this is the opportunity to look at and comment on the proposals that have been pulled together from people’s thoughts on the opportunities and challenges in the Central District.

Given how many people have been engaged up to now it would be really good to hear from as many people as possible during this final consultation. If you want to take part click on this link and it will take you to the full and summary reports as well as the survey.

Central DRF Consultation – click here for the survey on the Central DRF.

(Y)our Central
Map of Central District (click to enlarge)