(Y)our Broomielaw

Glasgow’s first quay, and former home to commercial paddle steamers, the Broomielaw is now designated as part of the IFSD (International Financial Services District), and has received significant investment over recent years.

This part of the city is characterised by long north-south blocks, with narrow streets connecting Argyle Street with the waterfront.
The waterfront in turn connects with the south bank via the King George Bridge and the new pedestrian Tradeston Bridge (The Squiggly Bridge).

Major public realm improvement works at the water’s edge have tried to significantly improve the waterfront at this area, by creating a high quality public realm pedestrians and cyclists to enjoy. The world’s economic crisis has slowed the development of the IFSD, but this gives an opportunity to appraise the success of work already carried out, and identify an optimum strategy moving forward that can create a thriving and sustainable business District. Initial problems identified include the night-time environment created by a single use type area, as the IFSD streets are empty of general activity at night.

Indicative route of potential Avenues

The following suggested Avenues project for this District would significantly improve the Streets overall performance as public spaces:
• The Waterfront
• Dixon Street
• Argyle Street

The following suggested catalyst project for this area would complement the Avenues by significantly improving the pedestrian and cycling experience and wayfinding.
• The Waterfront, north and south banks
• IFSD 2

(Y)our Broomielaw

Map of Broomielaw District (click to enlarge)