Learning Quarter

Learning Quarter District

Map of Learning Quarter (click to enlarge)

Cathedral Street and George Street act as two spines to the urban form in the Learning Quarter District and both function as major access routes to the various buildings. Within this District, two routes – Stirling Road and Castle Street connect the city centre to the North East of Glasgow.

Both routes accommodate a high number of motorised vehicles and the pedestrian experience often suffers as a result. This is especially prominent during term time. The redevelopment of the City of Glasgow College Campus will consolidate existing buildings, across eight sites, into a twin campus setting on Cathedral Street and Thistle Street.

As this District will become more characterised by an increased number of students, there is therefore an opportunity with the redevelopment of Strathclyde University and the City of Glasgow College to embrace this user group as an asset and improve the overall pedestrian experience.

Particular focus on improving the pedestrian experience on Cathedral Street, George Street and High Street should enhance the interconnectivity of these key spaces for people.

The following suggested Avenues projects for this District would significantly improve the named Streets’ overall performance as public spaces.

• Cathedral Street to M8 Motorway
• Montrose Street to Rottenrow

The following suggested catalyst project for this area would complement the Avenues by significantly improving the pedestrian and cycling experience and wayfinding.

• Cathedral Street