The Independent Retail Fund (IRF) provides support to independent shops on the High Street and Saltmarket, one of the oldest and most historically significant thoroughfares in Glasgow. The appearance of shopfronts and the buildings in which they reside has a considerable impact and influence on the character of the area.

The IRF is a shopfront improvement grant available to tenants and owners of occupied shops on Saltmarket and the High Street. Glasgow City Council will work with City Property Glasgow Investments and other commercial property owners to provide 100% funds to shops – £5,000 for double units and £3,000 for single units – to enable them to undertake necessary external enhancements /redecoration and other improvements such as removing/upgrading signage, replacing damaged tiles and feature lighting for signage or window displays.

An officer from the city centre team will visit eligible properties to discuss the fund and provide assistance with applications if required. These improvements will enhance the appeal of the area to visitors, customers and residents and contribute towards business and consumer confidence.

Further information and guidance can be found here under business and development.

This project is an action within the High Street Area Strategy, a 5-year plan to redevelop the historic quarter and support small businesses and the local economy.