Have you an image of High Street or Saltmarket to share? If so we’d love to hear from you!

A team from art organisation WAVEparticle will be out and about on High Street and Saltmarket over the course of these next few weeks in June.

With the aid of a large-scale map of the area, they’ll be chatting to local retailers, residents and passers-by, to gather images and stories about the area. These stories can be of a small, local or personal scale, or big history – it’s all of interest.

The stories and images gathered will be used in a unique event, taking place on Saturday 22nd July during the Merchant City Festival, that will focus attention on the line that runs through Glasgow from High Street to the Saltmarket – the oldest line in the city.

The plan is to create a series of handheld banners to be displayed along the route, half of which will celebrate the history and heritage of the street that is currently invisible, and half that will carry an emblem or symbol drawn from the lived life and stories of the current retailers, businesses and residents that live and work along the route. It’s about drawing inspiration from the past, acknowledging and celebrating the present, and framing what’s possible in the future.

This project is supported by Glasgow City Council and the Carnegie UK Trust.

To send contributions or for more information please contact:
Email: hssm.pastpresentpossible@gmail.com
Image credit: WAVEparticle

Twitter: #HSSMPPP
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Highstreetsaltmarketppp