Strathclyde University architecture students, in partnership with Glasgow City Council, would like to invite you to a design consultation event on 30 June 10:00-16:00 at 279-281 High Street. The purpose of this event is to discuss and collaborate on a design for a new community garden on High Street. The objective of this garden is to bring a piece of derelict land back into use to the benefit of the local community, providing green space and communal seating.

At this event there will be an exhibition, displaying a range of different design ideas for the garden and it will offer you an opportunity to provide your comments and inform the conversation going forward. The designs have been created by 2nd-year architecture students following months of collaborative work with the current gardeners and various Council services.

Furthermore, this community garden is another aspect of the High Street Area Strategy. The High Street Area Strategy’s objective is to regenerate High Street and Saltmarket, the historic heart of the city. Other projects that are already underway include the Independent Retail Fund, which aims to enhance the look and feel of the area and the Meanwhile Use project, which aims to provide spaces for creative industries.

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Find out more about the High Street Area Strategy [8 MB PDF]