High Street Area Strategy 2019-2023

11 Meanwhile Use units now opened in High St/Saltmarket
New historical flag banners to be installed along the street
Independent Retail Fund launching on 23rd February
GHA starts next phase of tenement works in Saltmarket
Greyfriars Garden working with Glasgow City Council and Strathclyde University for new Stalled Space site


Glasgow City Council considers the High Street/Saltmarket area of Glasgow to be a key priority for regeneration in the city centre, and there is a consensus that more could be done to uplift and enhance an area that comprises the city’s historic heart.

This page summarises the key elements of the High Street Action Plan.


The full Action Plan document is the final product of the development work and consultation process which ran between March and May 2018. It is available to download here.

The key findings of the consultation are outlined below, with clear support for the proposed themes of heritage, business and development, and public realm improvements. Download the June 2020 Newsletter (Issue 3)


Built Heritage

Action: Property Improvement Programme

This will apply to both residential and commercial properties. GHA has an investment programme for the area which has involved fabric refurbishments. GHA will now undertake condition surveys for all blocks not yet refurbished. City property Glasgow Investments LLP will take a phased approach to commercial properties to bring these to a lettable standard/funding targeted at existing tenants and common repairs.

Action: Historic Glasgow Zone

It is anticipated that the High Street corridor will be designated a “Historic Glasgow Zone” with the various heritage initiatives proposed in the High Street Area Strategy providing strong foundations for the development of this model.

Action: Conservation Area Management Plan

A CAMP will be developed for the cathedral character in the strategy zone. The existing Merchant City CAMP will be reviewed and updated. These will look in detail at the key conservation and heritage issues that affect the area and suggest how these might be managed in the future.


Culture and Leisure

Action: Visitor Strategy

This will guide visitors and highlight points of interest will be created for the project area, making use of various mediums. This will be devised in collaboration with key stakeholders, including interested community groups and local businesses to develop the area’s unique selling point.

Action: Cathedral Precinct Strategy

The cathedral precinct area contains an array of internationally recognised and unique assets. The HSAS will provide opportunities for organisations in and around the area to work together to develop a more integrated strategy that better meets the needs of visitors.


Support for small and independent businesses

Action: City Property Rent Review

The rental assistance project proposes to apply a moratorium on all rent reviews and lease renewals for a period of 2 years. City Property will market all current vacant properties (which are not subject to offer) on a fixed rent basis.

Action: City Property Tenant Engagement

The rental assistance project proposes to apply a moratorium on all rent reviews and lease renewals for a period of 2 years. City Property will market all current vacant properties (which are not subject to offer) on a fixed rent basis.

Action: Past, Present, Possible Phase 2

Following the successful first phase of the PPP Project, the initiative will be extended to undertake further work with residents, retailers and other stakeholders. Opportunities include the potential to develop a programme of events or artists in residency in order to enhance the High Street experience.

Action: Meanwhile Use Project

This is a temporary activity in underused space such as a new business, exhibition, social economy project or community meeting space. The HSAS will deliver pop up opportunities and offer other incentives for meanwhile uses to small and new enterprises.

Action: Independent Retail Fund

This provides 100% grant support to retailers for shopfront improvements. This will be targeted initially to units north of High Street and Duke Street. Further information and the application form can be found here [1.9MB PDF].


Arts and culture

Action: Contemporary Arts Trail

This trail will draw people in to High Street and the surrounding areas creating opportunities for experiences that will change perceptions of the area as well as creating additional footfall for local artists, businesses and existing attractions.


Public realm and placemaking

Action: Streetscene Improvement Plan

The HSAS will also consider how the physical environment could be improved. Improvements to roads, paving, street layout and street furniture will be explored. Projects include: Living Streets Phase 2, High Street Station Redevelopment and a Low Emission Zone.


District Regeneration Frameworks

Action: DRF – Learning Quarter/Merchant City

A District Regeneration Framework (DRF) is a 10-year regeneration strategy built on sound evidence and tested comprehensively throughout its development process with the local community and district stakeholders. The Learning Quarter and Merchant City DRFs are scheduled to be commissioned in 2019 with a two-year development period.


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