Glasgow Film Office (GFO) is the film commission for Glasgow, the centre of the film and television production industry in Scotland.  Since 1997, GFO has been assisting productions shooting on location in the city, activity which has contributed over £250 million to the city’s economy over the last 20 years.

GFO’s two main functions are to market Glasgow as an attractive and viable production base both nationally and internationally and to provide a coordinated and efficient production liaison service.  GFO works closely with council departments, Police Scotland and production crews to ensure that all filming activity occurs with the minimum impact on the everyday life of citizens and businesses of Glasgow while delivering the maximum economic impact to the city.  The service is provided free of charge to all productions shooting in Glasgow.

Glasgow’s distinctive Victorian architecture and grid system have proved attractive to many productions over the years.  The layout of the streets, particularly in the city centre of Glasgow, does, in essence, mimic the grid system in a lot of the major US cities. Glasgow has shown incredible versatility in its ability to double as a location.

All pictures are from the recent filming of Patrick Melrose, featuring Benedict Cumberbatch.

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