Phase 2 of Glasgow city centre’s Commercial Waste Project will go live on 1 April 2018 and trade waste contractors across the city have been working with their customers to help them achieve compliance. One such contractor is NWH who are actively engaging with their customers to reach practical solutions through communication and innovative thinking.

“At NWH Group, we have embraced the challenges of removing our bins from the streets and lanes of Glasgow City Centre. We understand the importance of presenting Glasgow as a vibrant, environmentally conscientious city and will continue to work in partnership with Glasgow City Council and our loyal customers. We have been innovative in offering bespoke solutions whilst ensuring customers remain compliant and adherent to Zero Waste Scotland regulations.
Vari McGale, NWH’s Trade Waste Sales Manager

Some of NWH’s customers have shared their thoughts on the benefits of working closely with their trade waste contractor.

“Sarti has always worked closely with Glasgow City Council in ensuring the areas around their premises are clean and tidy. Since the advent of recycling in the city, we have found NWH to have
the solution. Now with the changes scheduled for implementation on 1 st April we are that delighted that once again NWH have proven to have the solutions and see nothing as a problem. We are further delighted that NWH have been able to allow us to trial these changes ahead of schedule.”
Patricia Diamond, Financial Director, Sarti

“With limited space for internal bins, like most city centre bars and restaurants, we are delighted to have worked with Vari McGale from NWH to come up with solutions that works for both our staff and their drivers alike. Was great team work!”
Scott Hurst, Director, Meat Bar

Glasgow City Council recognise this is a major change with not only the storage of waste but also the operational adjustments required to be carried out by contractors to ensure we have presentable, clean streets. We fully appreciate the efforts of all the waste contractors and businesses to achieve compliance.