Cowcaddens District

Map of Cowcaddens District (click to enlarge)

The Cowcaddens District presents its character in the transition between its varieties of urban forms. The regimented street pattern found in the Central District breaks at Sauchiehall Street and the urban form becomes fragmented. The District is populated by industry and business, and is home to the Glasgow Caledonian University Campus and Stow College. The District also contains a significant residential user group.

Some streets are dominated by vehicle movement inhibiting the pedestrian experience particularly Dobbies Loan and Cowcaddens Road. The pedestrian experience has however been improved at Garscube Road with the installation of the Phoenix Flowers, designed as a public space and acting as a gateway for pedestrians and cyclists moving between the city centre and the Speirs Locks area. The District also contains Buchanan Street Bus Station which provides key public transport links around the UK. Cowcaddens subway is also located in this District. The further expansion of the Speirs Locks area as a cultural District offers further opportunities. Similar to the Learning Quarter District, Cowcaddens is characterised by a high number of students and given its residential capacity there are opportunities to capitalise on these assets by improving the overall pedestrian experience enhancing the interconnectivity for people in this District.

The following suggested Avenues project for this District would significantly improve the Street overall performance as a public space:

• Garscube Road to Cowcaddens Road

The following suggested catalyst project for this area would complement the Avenues by significantly improving the pedestrian and cycling experience and wayfinding.

• Killermont Street to the Sighthill Landbridge