Where do you want to live?

More and more people are choosing to live in cities and especially city centres. The key drivers for this are connectivity and sustainability. Living in the heart of the city, puts you close to all the experiences that only a city centre like Glasgow can provide – work, retail, restaurants, bars, theatres, cinemas, museums and galleries. With everything so close by, active travel is a much more attractive and practical option.

Glasgow City Council has an ambition to double the city centre population by 2035. According to the last census there are 20,245 people in the city centre. Compared to other city centres this is a really low number so there is an opportunity to have more people living here. Having more people living here brings all sorts of benefits. More people will make the city centre feel more alive and will also support businesses.

So the Council is thinking about how it can make the city centre even more appealing to people and the developers/investors who have a critical part to play in this. In response to this, the Council has created the City Centre Living Strategy (CCLS). The CCLS has six key priorities:

  • Do the basics well – Making the city centre a pleasant safe space should be a priority;
  • Give clear and consistent guidance – Tell us what you want and help us do it!
  • A living city – Community and management make the place;
  • Supportive policy – Set clear policy parameters;
  • Land ownership and Assembly – Be proactive about creating development opportunities;
  • Communication is key – more people who want to live here and more developers want to invest.

Some of the things we will do to support these priorities will be to:

  • Find ways to make it easier to bring vacant commercial spaces into use, particularly upper floors;
  • Provide a city centre which is cleaner, safer, greener and more sustainable;
  • High quality designs from the start;
  • Be open-minded to new ideas and new approaches to bring investment opportunities out of the ground.

So the question, what kind of city centre you want to live in? Please take 5 minutes to let us know by clicking here.