The City Centre Regeneration team in partnership with colleagues in Land & Environmental Services has undertaken a number of improvements to the look and feel of Buchanan Street Precinct. New traditional style benches have been installed, which have proven to be very popular, with the black marble benches removed for use elsewhere. (The benches will also be easily removed for large scale events if required and can be reinstalled at little cost.)

The next phase of the seating project will see a similar style being installed on Argyle St with seven pods being created along the central area of the pedestrian precinct which will form a more pleasant experience for shoppers. It is expected that these works will be complete over the summer months (Please see indicative drawing for information). The seating will also be removed/re-installed for any large scale events programme for the precinct.
teapot and note planters, glasgow
Colleagues in Land Environmental Services have also brightened up their excellent, colourful planters with the installation of eight wicker sculptures depicting various elements of the City centre offer including: fashion, music and dining.

The sculptures have a life expectancy of approx. 5 years and due to the popularity of the works, further expansion will be considered.