The City Council’s Planning Service would like feedback on the Draft City Centre Strategic Development Framework 2050 which hopes to set out a plan for how space should be used and what it should be used for. This will guide developers and shape the evolution of the City Centre. The document can be found here [7.3 MB PDF].

The Framework is one of six such documents being prepared as part of the City Development Plan and we would like your input. The Framework identifies key points of interest for the centre that respond to local issues and potential opportunities. The plan is to make our city more Vibrant, Liveable, Connected, Green and Resilient. The goal is to make the centre more people-friendly, an attractive place to live, work, visit and to invest in, as well as improving the centre’s green infrastructure and its capability to deal with the pressures arising from climate change. We would like you to have your say on the future of the City Centre. Your local knowledge is needed to build a city centre for all.

The consultation period runs from Wednesday 6 November until Friday 17 January 2020 during which time the document will be available on the Council’s Consultation Hub. Comments can be made via the Hub or directly to [email protected]. For further information, please contact Fiona Campbell, DRS, Planning & Building Standards on 0141 287 8547. [email protected]



Over the coming weeks and months, there will be a variety of autism-friendly events taking place around Glasgow. As part of the overall Autism Aware initiative, the offers available have vastly improved for those with autism that live, work or visit the city.

Some of the events this year are as follows;

The GFT:
Take 2 Access: Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (PG)
Saturday 7 December (12.00)

Film content: moderate fantasy threat, mild violence and scary scenes.
Ticketing link:

Access Film Club: Gremlins (12A)
Tuesday 10 December (Film begins: 18.00)

Film content: moderate violence and fantasy horror
Ticketing link:
Further information can be found on their website.

Irn–Bru Carnival:
On Tuesday 31st December 2019 from 11am onwards and Tuesday 7th January 2020 from 4pm onwards, the Irn–Bru carnival will host autism aware sessions. During these sessions, music will be switched off, or played at a low volume and rides will be slower where possible. Additionally, the main hall lights will be turned on. Furthermore, quiet areas will also be accessible during these sessions.
For the first hour of these events, visitors with autism and sensory disorders will have the opportunity to enjoy what is on offer without any queues or crowds, as the general public will not have access during this hour. However, the other procedures in place, i.e, reduced music and lights will remain in place for two hours. Once the two hours are up, the main hall lights will steadily be dimmed and the music will gradually increase and rides will return to their regular speed.
Further information can be found on their website.

Glasgow Science Centre:
The Glasgow Science Centre (GSC) has its own monthly autism-friendly hours. The time schedule for these monthly autism hours is 09:00 – 11:00. During these hours the sound will be lowered and the lights will be dimmed. After 11, these will return to their original levels. On your arrival GSC will provide a map which identifies areas of their exhibition floor where you will find:

  • Noisy exhibits
  • Sensory experiences
  • Quiet spaces
  • Toilets

Future dates are as follows:

  • 17th November 2019
  • 15th December 2019
  • 19th January 2020

Further information can be found on their website.

St Enoch Centre:
Santa Claus will be visiting St Enoch and setting a dedicated time to support children with learning difficulties and sensory challenges such as autism.
Quiet Santa sessions will be held from 10am to 10.40am on Sunday 1st / 8th / 15th / 22nd December
The dedicated 5 minutes slots are free however the centre will be collecting during the event on behalf of Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity.

Christmas Markets:
George Square Christmas Market will have a quiet room available for individuals with autism and sensory disorders. In addition, St Enoch Shopping Centre have their very own accessible quiet room which visitors to the St Enoch Christmas market are more than welcome to use.
You can find out more about Autism Aware Glasgow here –



As part of the Central Station Action Plan (CSAP) a stakeholder engagement event took place in The Arches on Wednesday 23 October 2019. Arranged as a drop-in style event, it ran from 10:00 to 16:00 to enable local stakeholders to engage with GCC officers and representatives of the other project partner organisations.
The occasion provided an opportunity for project officers to update local stakeholders on the actions which are already being undertaken in the area as well as giving an overview of those initiatives and schemes still to take place – such as the Argyle Street Avenue and the proposed public consultation of the Central District Regeneration Framework.

More importantly, local traders and residents told us about their concerns and what they felt to be the most pressing issues affecting the Action Plan area. All of this information was collected and will inform the future shape of the project. In particular, a number of critical concerns were raised and steps are currently being taken to address them as a matter of urgency.

We would like to thank everyone who took time out of their busy day and participated in this event whilst providing their thoughts, comments and suggestions. We understand the impact which local issues can have and we very much appreciate the involvement demonstrated by the local community. We remain committed to doing as much as we can to bring about improvements and will continue to provide updates regarding the actions being progressed through the CSAP and other associated projects. The PowerPoint presentation arising from the event can be downloaded here.

Further information about the Central Station Action Plan can be found via the project page



The City Centre Mural Trail is quickly becoming one of Glasgow’s best attractions! It has recently risen 20 places on Trip Advisor, from 37th to 17th place on the best things to do in Glasgow.

Glasgow’s City Centre Mural Trail provides some of the largest, creative and eye-pleasing murals the United Kingdom has to offer. Our murals are the most uploaded pictures of murals on Instagram in the north of the UK. Two of Smug’s, St Mungo and Fellow Glasgow Residents, are the most popular.

The City Centre Mural Trail offers a free and unique way to make your way around the city centre, to take in the general character and heritage of Glasgow City Centre, its neighbourhoods and its places. The City Centre Mural Trail website provides up to date records of the city centre murals and shows exactly where they are within the city centre. If you fancy a cheap, exciting day out with friends or family, why not try the City Centre Mural Trail?



Guest blog by Leila Jones of WMGlobal

Glasgow is a must-see for any street art fan, with some of the most Instagrammed murals in the country. Talented artists such as Smug and Rogue Oner are decorating the city with inspiring, colourful pieces. Over 12,700 street art posts have been shared in Glasgow, but which pieces of art are most popular on the social network?

1. Saint Mungo by Smug – located on High Street
St Mungo, High Street, Glasgow
Credit: @travljunki
This mural depicts Glasgow’s patron saint, Mungo, in modern-day clothes. It interprets the story of Mungo in the 6th century, when he prayed over a dying bird that some boys had been throwing stones at, and it flew away.

2. Fellow Glasgow Residents by Smug – Ingram Street car park
Fellow Glasgow Residents by Smug – Ingram Street car park
Credit: @rssvision
This mural was commissioned by Glasgow City Council to celebrate some of the wildlife that you will see in Glasgow’s green spaces, such as squirrels, foxes and highland cows.

3. Crazy Cat Lady by Rogue Oner – located on Sauchiehall Street
Crazy Cat Lady by Rogue Oner – located on Sauchiehall Street
Credit: @streetart_guide_vienna
This fun, innocent artwork was commissioned to brighten up a tired area of Sauchiehall Street. The subject is a lady so crazy about cats that she even has Grumpy Cat wallpaper and feline-themed slippers.

4. Saint Enoch and Child by Smug – located on High Street
Saint Enoch and Child by Smug – located on High Street
Credit: @jeroenvanerp
Complimenting the Saint Mungo artwork, this mural is an interpretation of Glasgow’s founding story. St Thenue/Enoch is pictured cradling her child, St Kentigern/Mungo. The image is sweet and moving, which partly contributes to its Instagram popularity – with several Instagrammers stating that it reminds them of their children.
5. Glasgow’s Tiger by Klingatron and Art Pistol – Clyde Street
Glasgow’s Tiger by Klingatron and Art Pistol – Clyde Street
Credit: @alexfwatt
This popular piece was a collaboration by Klingatron and Art Pistol, replacing the former Tiger Beer mural which was commissioned in 2010. The new tiger was initially met with scepticism by residents for being too literal but is now much loved. At the start of September, this mural was mindlessly vandalised, much to the upset of local residents.
You can see all of Glasgow’s top 10 most Instagrammed street art here and see what is most popular in other cities around the North and Scotland.



The first deliverable of the City Deal Avenues project is now complete. Sauchiehall Street, between Charing Cross and Rose Street, has been transformed – and has also been a useful demonstrator project for this new approach to the public realm and placemaking in Glasgow city centre.

The City Deal Avenues project is a £115 million programme aimed at improving the public realm throughout the city centre. Despite two significant fires affecting the construction programme, this first phase has been a great success. It has provided new high-quality space for pedestrians, a segregated cycle lane, benches and 26 new trees, adding some well-needed greenery to the area. The works have broadened pavements enabling bars and cafes to sprawl on to the street, contributing to the liveliness of the city centre.

The aesthetic of the street has significantly improved. It now has a continental look and feel, which makes the avenue almost unrecognisable from before. See below for images – we hope you are as pleased as we are with the outcome!
Sauchiehall Street Glasgow 2019
Sauchiehall Street at night - Glasgow 2019
Glasgow City Council Leader Susan Aitken said, “The completion of Sauchiehall Avenue is a milestone in the rebirth of this famous Glasgow thoroughfare. It is the first stage in the biggest reimaging and remodelling of our city-centre streets since the pedestrianisation of Buchanan Street 40 years ago.”

“We have improved Sauchiehall Street’s overall look and feel. By helping it adapt to the changes affecting high streets everywhere, we’ve created a catalytic physical environment which will bring social and economic benefits.”

“It is now a street where pedestrians, cyclists and vulnerable road users have priority over the car in a safer, cleaner, more vibrant space. The street is now more attractive to both visitors and investors.”