Invest Glasgow is Glasgow City Council’s inward investment team. Invest Glasgow offers comprehensive business support and guidance, providing one point of contact to all businesses, property investors and developers seeking to invest in the city. The team is dedicated to encouraging and assisting investment and promoting the city as one of the most business-friendly locations in the UK and Europe.

The City Prospectus provides an introduction to Glasgow’s investment potential. Packed with information this document outlines Glasgow’s position as the powerhouse of the Scottish economy and reasons why Glasgow is a prime investment location.

You can download the latest City Prospectus here.[3MB PDF – opens in new tab]

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Not long to go now before the start of Festival 2018 and the Merchant City Festival. This is a programme of cultural events which are supporting the European Championships.

If you follow this link it will take you to the festival programme in which you can see all the events that will happen in the City Centre and beyond, creating a sense of carnival in the city. It is really important that the ‘City’ hosts the event. The City Centre is a fantastic backdrop, from food and retail to hidden treasures like Mackintosh’s Daily Record building in Renfield Lane, from the newly refurbished Mackintosh at the Willow to The Lighthouse in Mitchell Lane or GOMA in Royal Exchange Square.

The programme is based around George Square, the Merchant City, Tontine Lane, Glasgow Green, but crucially extends across the whole city and it all starts on the 1 August 2018.



Applications are now invited for Glasgow City Council’s Stalled Space Programme 2018-19. Community groups or local organisations across Glasgow are encouraged to apply for innovative projects aimed at improving and activating stalled sites or underused open spaces in the city. We are looking for projects that are socially engaged that can breathe life into these stalled spaces and create a positive impact on the area.

Closing date for applications is Monday 27 August 2018 by 5 pm.

Funding is available from a minimum £1,000 to a maximum £4,500.

More information, application forms and guidance are available on our web page at:
For queries, email:
[email protected] or call: 0141 287 8443



Glasgow City Council recently approved the City Centre Lane Strategy and as part of this has just launched the Pilot City Centre Lane Activation Fund.

Any city experience it is defined by the gap between the best and the more challenging bits. In fact, this applies to almost anything, customer service is only remembered if it is really good or short of expectations. The challenge for any city is to continue to find the resources to deliver flagship buildings and experiences while trying to find ways to help people think differently about City Centre spaces and about the connections between spaces. This applies to what they could be used for and how they could look. In that sense, it is about encouraging people to think of them and use them as part of the heritage and culture of Glasgow City Centre. Lanes are a great example of this. Glasgow has lanes which are attractions in their own right and give both the people of Glasgow and visitors the sense of something discovered, something reclaimed.

While the City Centre Lane strategy has identified seven target lanes on which the Council will work to encourage owners and other stakeholders it is also seen as really important to have a fund that people could apply to so they can help focus on their own ideas and priorities. The scale of the funding available means that the fund is not intended to ‘fix’ lanes. Rather, it is intended to get people to use them by supporting different types of events and projects. We have lanes that are sited in the heart of the City Centre which could bring daytime audiences to the centre or create quiet spaces. We have residential lanes which could be real assets for their communities.

Each lane has three principal stakeholders: the owners, the occupiers (be that businesses or communities) and artists or those from the creative industries. While full guidance is available at a minimum of two of the three groups need to come together to apply. The level of funding (maximum award is £5k) means that the fund will not provide all the answers, nor is it really intended to. What it will do is make a start and in conjunction with the other parts of the City Centre Lane Strategy, the objective is to persuade everyone that lanes are an asset for businesses, communities, artists and the owners. The return on investment for each of these groups will be quite different, but if the Fund and the Strategy are going to succeed they need to make this return obvious, especially commercially. The idea of return is important as the vast majority of lanes in the City Centre are privately owned.

As always it is the energy and inventiveness of people which will come up with the ideas needed to help develop this idea of place and close the gap between the best and the challenging.



A new Charles Rennie Mackintosh mural has been unveiled to mark the 150th anniversary of the legendary architect’s birth.

Created by Art Pistol and Glasgow graffiti artist Rogue-One, the tribute can be found on the banks of the Clyde at the Clutha Bar. Rogue-One is renowned for his photo-realistic style and is behind a number of artworks in Glasgow including the Mitchell Street’s floating taxi – which you can find in the City Centre’s Mural Trail.

The mural was commissioned by hotel chain Radisson Red as “a gift to the city” and features a portrait of Mackintosh looking through a stained glass window featuring some of his well know rose designs. Painted on a 60ft by 40ft wall overlooking the city’s Clutha bar, the mural is a fitting tribute to one of the world’s most influential creative figures.

In addition to the mural, Glasgow will see a yearlong programme celebrating Mackintosh’s 150th anniversary. Further details of which can be found here:



A new fund aims to unlock the full potential of the 90 lanes in Glasgow city centre with a pilot scheme exploring what can be achieved with these assets for the city.

The City Centre Lane Activation Fund has been established to create opportunities for demonstrator projects so the people of Glasgow and visitors to the city see these lanes as part of a vibrant city centre. The pilot has a fund of £100,000 and individual projects will receive a maximum of £5,000 funding.

The fund will enable and encourage lane owners, communities, businesses and creative communities to work together and come forward with ideas which will develop activity in Glasgow’s city centre lanes.

Many lanes in the city centre are already fantastic places which are destinations in their own right, but others are underdeveloped and either unused or unattractive. It is hoped that this fund will create catalyst events which help all stakeholders recognise the value of developing lanes as attractive, interesting places could have for communities, visitors and businesses, and the Lane Activation Fund will make the first steps possible.

Details on applications can be found at:, and proposals and requests for further information for potential projects should then be submitted to: [email protected] / 0141 287 8504.

The Lane Activation Fund is part of the council’s recently approved City Centre Lane Strategy which aims to encourage owners to realise the potential of the lanes as an important part of the character and heritage of Glasgow, fitting with the ambitions of the strategy in developing them as a place to stay and live; and a place to visit and enjoy.

Councillor Kenny McLean, City Convener for Neighbourhoods, Housing and Public Realm at Glasgow City Council, said: “The pilot for the City Centre Lane Activation Fund will allow us to work with the people and organisations who use these lanes to develop proposals to bring them to their full potential. We can all look forward to seeing the plans that are brought forward and then supported through this fund.

More detail on the City Centre Lane Strategy for Glasgow can be found at: