Cowcaddens, Townhead, Learning Quarter and Merchant City

It is time to let us know what you think the key issues and opportunities are for some or all the districts we are creating District Regeneration Frameworks for. You can contact yourcitycentre2020.commonplace.is/  and leave as many comments as you wish or you can call us  0800 1583973. This number is live on the following dates/times: Thursday 2 July, noon – 2pm, 5 – 7pm, Saturday 4 July, 10am – noon. We will add other dates as the project develops. This will give those without online access the chance to share their ideas.

We are really keen to hear your views on how it can be made easier to get around the city centre; how streets and open spaces can be improved; and hear thoughts on housing and places to work and learn, and on the mix of activities required to create a thriving, active city centre in the future. The city centre plays a key role for the whole of Glasgow as well as the surrounding region beyond it, so thoughts on connectivity are also welcome.

The consultation and engagement process for the four districts will have two main phases. This one is to find out what people think the key priorities, issues and opportunities are for each or all the districts. The second will happen later this year when the team will work with stakeholders to develop ideas that will feed into the action plans.

A DRF is a 10-year regeneration planning framework and action plan, and each DRF will guide the city centre’s physical, social and economic regeneration. The DRFs support both Glasgow’s City Development Plan and the City Centre Strategy.

The council recently appointed a team to help prepare ambitious regeneration action plans for these four districts you can find about more about them and the strategy as a whole at [email protected] and [email protected]

Please make the time to make on comments on-line or phone us on the dates and times listed above.



The High Street Area Strategy aims to enhance the liveability, competitiveness, and sustainability of the High Street. Work has not stopped during the Covid-19 Emergency. However, some projects had to be delayed as the construction industry paused during the Emergency. Where possible, projects have continued to be developed in the background. Once lockdown has been eased, the High Street Area Strategy will continue as planned.

The latest edition of the newsletter for the High Street Area provides an update regarding the Covid-19 Emergency, and how this has impacted the High Street Area Strategy. In addition, there is a section titled “Tales of the High Street”. This section tells the story of Blind Alick, a resident of High Street in the 1700s. The last section of this edition of the High Street Area Strategy newsletter covers the next and final phase of the District Regeneration Frameworks. Two of these DRFs (Learning Quarter and Merchant City) will overlap with the High Street and Saltmarket area, enhancing the work currently being undertaken as part of the High Street Area Strategy.



Past, Present, Possible 2 officially launched on 30th November by WaveParticle. The event was a great success, with over 250 people attending throughout. The highlight was the video, which showcased all the hard-working people of the High Street / Saltmarket area giving their views on the street, why they picked this area to start their businesses and what they hope for the future of the area. The participants ranged from independent businesses that have been working on the street for years, to more recent start-ups. The overall feedback was encouraging, with many hoping for more positive changes to the area as part of the High Street Area Strategy.

Please see link below to watch the video on Vimeo and view or download the High Street Area Strategy here.




Past, Present, Possible 2 will officially launch this weekend with an event on 30 November 2019.

This event will take place on St Andrews Street between 5 – 8pm. It is a unique outdoor screening of a film by WAVEparticle that celebrates the oldest line in the City – featuring a reflection on the rich history of High Street and Saltmarket, alongside portraits of, and interviews with, people who live and work on the street, exploring ideas of how to help make this a great line through the area compromising the eight original streets of the city. Everyone is welcome!

Refreshments will be provided by Brave Bakers and Obsession of India.

Past, Present, Possible is part of the High Street Area Strategy and the launch event is the start of a conversation on how we can view the street creatively. If you want to get involved in the future of the project please email [email protected]

Pat Present Possible Flyer



A new project, which will see 11 vacant shop units on Glasgow’s historic High Street and Saltmarket transformed into interim/temporary spaces – most of which are for the creative industries – was launched 26th June.

The Meanwhile Space project aims to increase the vitality of areas by generating footfall and supporting new and growing businesses. The initiative, one of 26 exciting projects planned as part of Glasgow City Council’s High Street Area Strategy (HSAS), by City Property Glasgow (Investments) and Glasgow City Council. It is also part of the Council’s Space for Growth strategy, which will see several long term vacant shop units transformed into temporary creative spaces.

The initiative, which has already seen success in London and Paris, is part of the HSAS plans to revitalise the area, helping to develop creative organisations and creating jobs while also supporting inclusive economic growth across Glasgow. Moreover, making units will help to support and grow a thriving local community.

WASPS, a non-profit studio provider for creative artists, launched the project. WASPS have five units in St Andrews Street, all being utilised by a variety of creative artists, hoping to add something unique to the area.

Councillor Susan Aitken, Leader of Glasgow City Council, said: “The High Street and Saltmarket area is the historic heart of our great city. With its rich heritage, resonance with Glaswegians and proximity to the city centre, it has so much potential – but has been neglected for far too long. Meanwhile Space is a fantastic opportunity not merely to breathe new life into the area but to help nurture one of Glasgow’s key sectors – the creative industries. The flourishing galleries and creative spaces in adjoining streets show what can be achieved.

Audrey Carlin, Chief Executive Officer of WASPS, said: “WASPS is delighted to be taking on five units as part of the Meanwhile Space project. This initiative offers something that doesn’t already exist in the city – a transition space in which we can support creative people to move from an artist studio into a more public-facing shopfront, ultimately allowing them to develop a sustainable business and contribute to Glasgow’s economy long term”.

Ongoing updates on the project will appear on the city centre strategy website.



Strathclyde University architecture students, in partnership with Glasgow City Council, would like to invite you to a design consultation event on 30 June 10:00-16:00 at 279-281 High Street. The purpose of this event is to discuss and collaborate on a design for a new community garden on High Street. The objective of this garden is to bring a piece of derelict land back into use to the benefit of the local community, providing green space and communal seating.

At this event there will be an exhibition, displaying a range of different design ideas for the garden and it will offer you an opportunity to provide your comments and inform the conversation going forward. The designs have been created by 2nd-year architecture students following months of collaborative work with the current gardeners and various Council services.

Furthermore, this community garden is another aspect of the High Street Area Strategy. The High Street Area Strategy’s objective is to regenerate High Street and Saltmarket, the historic heart of the city. Other projects that are already underway include the Independent Retail Fund, which aims to enhance the look and feel of the area and the Meanwhile Use project, which aims to provide spaces for creative industries.

For more information please contact [email protected] or [email protected]

Find out more about the High Street Area Strategy [8 MB PDF]