Blythswood District

Map of Blythswood District (click to enlarge)

The Blythswood District marks the western edge of the city’s central business district, with the deep cut of the M8 through the city’s historic built fabric creating a definitive divide between what is perceived as the city centre and its adjacent west-end neighbourhood.
A strong urban fabric continues beyond the M8 to the north-west of this area, with lengthened city blocks by Kelvingrove Park. It then fragments south of St. Vincent Street.

This area is dominated by business and commercial use. There is little in terms of pedestrian realm however, and modern buildings tend to be high rise with little to no ground floor activation. The M8 dominates this area, as a major approach to the city centre from the south. It presents a major challenge to people trying to approach the city from the west on foot. There are opportunities presented by the presence of gap sites and the St Vincent Street overpass, which can be reconfigured to create a strong pedestrian and cycle link directly to the city centre.

The following suggested Avenues project for this District would significantly improve the Streets’ overall performance as public spaces.

  • St Vincent Street

The following suggested catalyst project for this area would complement the Avenues by significantly improving the pedestrian and cycling experience and wayfinding.

  • North Street – Motorway

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