Glasgow City Council have installed 10 “Big Belly” bins along Buchanan Street for an 8 week pilot period.

The 10 solar compaction bins were installed on Wednesday 7 March following removal of the current 26 x 80L bins from the precinct.

The Big Belly bins operate through live time information, sending updates to supervisors which allow them to respond accordingly. The bins LED indicators will notify personnel of bin fullness and unit status ensuring the bins are only collected at 80% fullness or more.

The bins have a number of benefits including commercial, sustainable and visible. Due to the total containment of the waste, they prevent having unsightly bins overflowing at peak times and mitigate against unwanted odour or pest problems.

They are also able to compact 6-8 times more than a standard 100L bin resulting in reduced traffic and pollution.

Since the first week of installation, the numbers of collections along the precinct has decreased 94%, allowing staff more time to undertake other duties.

In addition, there will also be large 240l bins installed across the city centre – similar to those already located in George Square at present.