With the holiday season almost upon us, there is an anticipation that many people may choose to stay closer to home due to ongoing restrictions and uncertainties around foreign travel. The challenge for GCC is ensuring that Glasgow continues to operate as effectively as possible and offers a warm and welcoming destination for everyone.

Since its inception in 2014, the City Centre Mural Trail has provided an alternative offer within Glasgow city centre. Freely available to visitors, tourists and residents alike, the murals have been praised for their positive impact on the urban landscape.

GCC has looked to promote this activity through its own media channels and those of our project partners, such as Glasgow Life and Visit Scotland. Additionally, GCC has developed a range of helpful resources to raise awareness of and engagement with the City Centre Mural Trail. For instance, we now have an Audio Map, an interactive online tool which allows people to participate in a “virtual” guided walking tour of the murals.

Though led by GCC, the City Centre Mural Trail relies on the goodwill and active participation of artists, landlords and the general public. Without this community involvement the project simply would not exist. Instead, the project has become hugely successful and is now highly ranked on TripAdvisor, generating media interest around the world.

As an example of this interest, GCC staff were recently invited to take part in an interview with the Glasgow City Heritage Trust and the results can be found here:


For further information about the City Centre Mural Trail please see:


To access GCC’s online story map, please use the following link: Audio Map