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The Glasgow City Centre Team are keen to activate the lanes in the City Centre and to help achieve this, grants of up to £5,000 are available to people or groups that want to hold events in city centre lanes. The fund has been created to enable businesses and communities to work with artists and the creative industries

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The Independent Retail Fund (IRF) provides support to independent shops on the High Street and Saltmarket, one of the oldest and most historically significant thoroughfares in Glasgow. The appearance of shopfronts and the buildings in which they reside has a considerable impact and influence on

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We are now 21 days into the consultation period for the (Y)our Broomielaw District Regeneration Framework, and the level of response has been encouraging. It is essential to get as much feedback as possible on the action plan and what the priorities should be so that this can translates into the implementation of the plan

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With the cold spell continuing the following information will be useful in the weeks ahead. Glasgow City Council is responsible for maintaining over 1900km of carriageway and 3100km of footways and footpaths. What is our aim? The Council’s aim is to provide an effective and efficient winter maintenance service that, helps to ensure the safe passage of …

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The Sauchiehall and Garnethill District Framework has been completed, and work has started on delivery. Given the success of this process, we appointed a team to work on the next four City Centre Districts – Broomielaw, St Enoch, Central and Blythswood.  These will help deliver the objectives set out in the City Centre Strategy of making the city centre the place to Stay and Live, Shop and Play, Visit and Enjoy, Work and Create, Learn, Discover and Innovate and Invest and Build.

How best to look at the remaining four Districts will be assessed in 2019/2020.

The feedback from our conversations with residents, visitors, businesses, and developers is that you want a green, liveable city centre that fosters creativity and opportunity. So the Council is working with businesses, residents, institutions and public agencies to make the city centre a more people-friendly place
– a better place to live, visit and do business

moving the city centre forward

All the work that we’ll be doing to take the city centre forward over the next few years will be shaped by the City Centre Strategy and Action Plan and the City Centre Transport Strategy which were published in 2014. These strategies are our blueprint mapping out how the city centre’s streets and public spaces will be better managed and more people-friendly.

We’ll be making the city centre cleaner, greener and easier to get around on foot, by bike and public transport, with a network of green avenues linking through the city centre.  Wi-fi, marketing, outdoor events, lighting and public safety will all be improved – and much more besides.  Everything is geared towards delivering jobs, growth and prosperity over the next decade.

district by district

In 2015, we started to plan how to make this idea work. It’s a big job, so we split the city centre into nine recognisable ‘Districts’. We have worked with local people and businesses to identify the opportunities. By 2019 we aim to have a plan in place that will drive change over the next ten years. Find out more about what’s happening in each District.

working together

The Council’s City Centre Regeneration Team will work hard with people and organisations in each District to make that change happen. Whether you work, live, invest in or visit the city centre, the team can’t do it all on their own.  We need your help to deliver change. Your help might come in a variety of forms: allowing a new business start-up cheap use of your vacant shop for a few weeks, organising a community event in a public space, helping a neighbour to tidy their front garden, or cycling and walking around town rather than driving.

The City Council will be doing its bit by making city centre streets and spaces more people- and business-friendly. We’ll do that, with you, by preparing a new plan for each District over the next few years. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions or ideas about the changing city centre.

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These will feature the wide range of initiatives taking place in the city centre now as well as plans for the future.

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