You want a green, liveable city centre that fosters creativity and opportunity. So the Council is working with businesses, residents, institutions and public agencies to make the city centre a more people-friendly place – a better place to live, visit and do business.


Glasgow City Council have appointed a team to prepare the next four City Centre District Regeneration Frameworks, taking forward the objectives set out in the Glasgow City Centre Strategy.

moving the city centre forward

All the work that we’ll be doing to take the city centre forward over the next few years will be shaped by the City Centre Strategy and Action Plan and the City Centre Transport Strategy which were published in 2014. These strategies are our blueprint mapping out how the city centre’s streets and public spaces will be better managed and more people-friendly.

We’ll be making the city centre cleaner, greener and easier to get around on foot, by bike and public transport, with a network of green avenues linking through the city centre.  Wi-fi, marketing, outdoor events, lighting and public safety will all be improved – and much more besides.  Everything is geared towards delivering jobs, growth and prosperity over the next decade.

district by district

In 2015, we started to plan how to make those ideas become reality. That’s a big job, so we are splitting the city centre into manageable chunks we are calling ‘Districts’.

By 2019, we’ll have produced a plan in collaboration with local people and organisations in each district for how each area will change over the following ten years. Find out more about what’s happening in each District.

working together

The Council’s City Centre Regeneration Team will work hard with people and organisations in each District to make that change happen. Whether you work, live, invest in or visit the city centre, the team can’t do it all on their own.  We need your help to deliver change.

Your help might come in a variety of forms: allowing a new business start-up cheap use of your vacant shop for a few weeks, organising a community event in a public space, helping a neighbour to tidy their front garden, or cycling and walking around town rather than driving.

The City Council will be doing its bit by making city centre streets and spaces more people- and business-friendly. We’ll do that, with you, by preparing a new plan for each District over the next few years.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions or ideas about the changing city centre.

latest news


Guest post by Rachael Goslan, co-ordinator of the 2k and 5k runs. During the winter of 2014, I nervously typed in an internet search for a local running group. Back then I was one of those people who you’d see running the parks alone, low on confidence and scared to run with others. That internet search…

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A report from Glasgow City Council today (7 March) outlined plans for a six-month pilot project to tackle issues around commercial waste in the city centre. Glasgow city centre’s appearance can be spoiled by bulky and brightly-coloured commercial waste containers on...

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City Centre Regeneration have introduced six footfall counters across Glasgow city centre, operated by Springboard Research Ltd. These footfall counters are located as follows: Core City Centre / Style Mile Sauchiehall Street at Marks & Spencer Buchanan Street at...

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As part of the Glasgow City Region City Deal programme, Glasgow city centre has been awarded £115m in funding to deliver the Avenues programme of public realm investment. The Avenues programme was conceived as part of the Glasgow City Centre Strategy 2014-19, and it...

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Last year, Glasgow City Council in agreement with Community Safety Glasgow delivered a City Centre Clean Streets Initiative which would run over a 4 month period. Starting in May, the aim of the Clean Streets Initiative was to deliver a specialist power wash and deep...

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